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Your struggle is real.

We understand you are passionate about your business, dedicated to your customers, and a positive contribution to the local economy.

That's why our TaskForce is on your side and we are fighting for you. Join us to connect with your local community, and have a powerful team in your corner.

Partner with us to save money, make money, become an employer of choice, and protect your legacy.

We are a collection of 200+ local and national companies who have come
together to help small businesses overcome all the obstacles the year 2020 has placed in our way.
We are a collaboration led by community driven and passionate members.

We are here to help.

4 Pillars of Support

  • Reduce Expenses - Reduce overhead using the same tactics as larger corporations. Save in multiple areas: insurance, merchant processing, payroll, bank fees, monthly expenses, lower interest on loans, phone plans, and so much more!

  • Increase Revenue - Increase your customer base, streamline offerings, increase revenue, affordable marketing, gaining you hyper-loyal customers.

  • Employer of Choice - Be a hero to your employees by having incredible benefits. Create a staff of heart centered, enthusiastic, and loyal team members!

  • Protect Your Legacy - Get access to affordable legal advice without having to pay attorneys a retainer, make sure all your insurance policies are up to date, and put your contingency plans in place.

We provide you a full business evaluation based on the above four pillars. ($500 Value)

We create a customized and personalized action plan giving you every tool to succeed. ($500 Value)

You get a dedicated TaskForce Member to help you implement each item, on your schedule. ($2000 Value)

We pay you for any business you help refer us ($$$$$)

We charge $0 (zero) for this service
No Contracts - No Obligation

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Most companies charge $500 - $2000+ for a business evaluation, review, action plan, and personal assistant.

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